“I work in Dallas Tx. I partnered up with Auto Leads Brokers in March of 2014. My 1st lead came March 3rd, I sold 11 units by the end of the month. Sold 17 with $47,000 in gross profit in April Sold 18 with $49,000 in gross profit in May Sold 19 with $59,000 in gross profit in June Today is July 21, 2014, and I currently have 14 on the road with $49,000 in gross profit. I have my own info-commercial and have used it for many years; consequently I’m quite familiar and qualified with selling automobiles via lead services. Auto Leads Brokers helps simplify the process, and also sends follow-up emails to help maintain a stream of active leads. Sincerely, Ken

Ken, Special Finance Manager, Dallas

These are the only leads in the market that work! I only use Auto Leads Brokers as my lead provider, they give you guaranteed credit scores. They see the scored bureau before they send it to me. I no longer have to send back leads for credit and the leads Auto Leads Brokers sends are in the market to buy now. It doesn’t get any easier than the!

Donald, General Sales Manager, Houston Area Chevrolet Dealership

” I have dealt with just about every lead provider currently still in business and to date have yet to find a provider that offers 100% Money back Guarantee.  I haven’t found anyone that has state of the art delivery, lead management, impeccable integrity and business ethics as Auto Leads Brokers… And to top it off, they have the BEST overall lead quality.

Tom, Special Finance Director, Nashville, TN Area Ford Dealership

I manage over 470 Auto Leads Brokers Internet leads, arrange financing and make sure all deals are funded in a timely manner. I am responsible for 65% of the New and Used Car Gross profit – $125,000 to $200,000 per month. With Auto Leads Brokers. Most cars sold in one month…56 • Highest gross in one month…$195,000 • Highest gross on one deal…$22,000 • Highest income selling cars in a month…$37,000 • One on one selling…YES! They are the best of the best…don’t make a mistake and sign a 30…60…90 day contract with anybody else!

Eric, Internet Lead and Loan Advisor, Houston, TX Area Nissan Dealership

Over the years I have bought leads from numerous companies. With most leads you have to wade through so much junk to find one that can buy that my cost of sale was always out of line. After using the leads from Auto Leads Brokers, my cost of sale went down by half or more. These are credit worthy customers that are filling out an application to purchase an automobile. What more could you ask for?

Bryant, Special Finance Manager, Los Angeles, CA Area Honda Dealership