Our Wholesale Leads guarantee high credit scores and income filtering with real time delivery, nationwide coverage and month to month agreement options.

Our New Car Lead Platform provides brand specific New Car Leads that are geo-targeted, validated & scored for those consumers most likely to purchase.


  • Guaranteed Income Level Filtered Leads
  • No open BK’s
  • No Repo’s past 12 Months
  • Month-to-Month Agreements
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • Integration with all CRM’s
  • Tier Pricing
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Customized Territory
  • Real Time Delivery


  • Special Finance Auto Leads
  • Auto Trigger Leads
  • Automotive Direct Mail
  • Guaranteed Credit Score Leads
  • Bankruptcy Mailers
  • Credit Recovery Program
  • 100% EXCLUSIVE leads
  • FREE Lead Management/CRM
  • Real Time Delivery less than 2 seconds old
  • NO signup fees
  • Month to Month (cancel any time with a phone call)
  • ONLY published invalid lead policy


  • Using the industry’s most recognized scoring system, ALB’s New Car Lead Platform provides Brand Specific New Car Leads which are Geo-targeted, validated and scored for those most likely to purchase.
  • Brand and Model Specific
  • Scores between 6 & 10
  • Delivered within Peak Buying Time Frames
  • Dealer Exclusive Leads
  • Nationwide Coverage

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